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of your pain
after the 1st session

At your place
Osteopathic treatment at your home at a time that suits you

of your pain
after the 1st session

At your place
Osteopathic treatment at your home at a time that suits you

Osteopath Peter Adamenko offers osteopathic sessions
at the place of your choice (home, office, yacht)
in Nice and its surroundings.

In his sessions he favors a gentle and careful approach.
The methods and techniques used are diverse and adapted to each patient: structural, cranio-sacral, visceral, functional osteopathy.
Trigger point therapy, brought from Russia is particularly effective
for muscle tissue relief.

French state & health insuarance approved osteopathic therapeut

Osteopathe Peter ADAMENKO

How can help

  • Shoulder pain (Specialisation)
    Shoulder problems. With osteopathic myofascial and joint correction, pain can be relieved and range of motion significantly improved.
  • Back pain
    Pain in different parts of the back responds well to osteopathic treatment and is a frequent reason for consultation. In case of acute pain in the lower back, it is important to consult the attending physician for the necessary examinations.
  • Muscle pain and joint pain
    Joint pain, even in osteoarthritis, can be significantly reduced by relaxing associated muscle and fascial structures and improving blood circulation. In case of muscle pain, the result is achieved by improving neuroregulation and relaxation of local tissues, as well as individually selected exercises.
  • Headache
    The headacke is often caused by the neck dysfunctions, which lead to the alternation of blood supply to intracranial structures. With craniosacral and cranial therapy, the osteopath restores tissue elasticity and blood supply, after that patient gets a significant improvement. But it is worth to start with medical examinations, especially MRI.
  • Digestive problems
    These problems can also have a mechanical cause or component. The osteopath works with the fascia of the internal organs and the spine, improving neuroregulation, blood supply and tissue elasticity.
    In case of acute pain, an immediate medical diagnosis is necessary - it would be better to contact the hospital or the attending physician.
  • Neuralgia
    Sciatica pain is a fairly common reason for consultation. In most cases, these are just symptoms similar to neuralgia, and they are curable. In the case of true neuralgia, osteopathic treatment can complement medical treatment and achieve a better result by reducing the compressive load on the nerve structures.
  • Preparation for giving birth and post-birth follow-up of mother and baby.
    It is very important to get future mother's pelvis at the maximum of its physiological balance to allow better delivery of a child and reduce the risk of complications during childbirth.
    What about baby, an osteopathic attendance during the first months of life allows to avoid various problems and pathologies - the effectiveness of the osteopathic correction at this age reaches its maximum, especially at the cranial level.
  • Stress and insomnia
    In this case, the osteopath often works with the cranial membranes, which improves the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Cranial osteopathic corrections permit to balance the autonomic nervous system, wich makes you relaxed and allows your body to recover. With long-term treatment, the balance of neurotransmitters can be restored, which will require patient involvement, special tests, and certain dietary changes. Practicing yoga, meditation and shavasana will also improve the result.
En cas de pathologies graves, l'efficacité est moindre et les conclusions des médecins sont obligatoires.
Mais même dans les cas graves, en règle générale, une amélioration significative peut être obtenue.
  • In-depth holistic body work
    Unlike other osteopaths, my session lasts two hours on average. I do the maximum in one go, working not only with the joints and fascia, but also with the soft tissues around them. It takes time, but leads to greater relaxation and better results.
  • The number of sessions
    In some cases, a single session is enough to completely relieve the pain. In other cases, for a more lasting result, several sessions are necessary, usually 2 to 5.
    Regular osteopathic assistance helps you to feel yourself better, improve your performances and stress resistance, reduce the risk of injuries and burnouts.
  • Recomendations
    You will also receive personalized recommendations on exercises and practices to work on your pain zones and maintain them in a better state, as well as increase your health, injury resistance and mindfulness.
  • Invoice to get a refund from your health insurance
    If your health insuarance covers osteopathic treatment (most french complementary insuranses do) you can get a refund from your insurance.
    For this, ask your osteopath to give you the invoice ans send it to your insurance company.
"STANDARD" session
with coming at your place
The session lasts up to 2 hours.
This is an optimal session time
according to my method.

This time is suffisant to understand and work qualitatively on the causes of the pathological process.
In most part of cases this time is suffisant to achieve the best result in one session.
At the patient's request, if his body accepts it, in some cases :
  • Old disorders, pains and chronic conditions
  • Acute disorders (excluding pathological states of course), which require more in-depth therapy
more intensive treatment is possible.
"UNLIMITED" session
with coming at your place
The most complete and deep work with the body,
to achieve the best result that can be obtained
in one session.

In time, it can take 3 hours or even a little more -
for maximum neutralization of the origins of the pathological process and rapid progress in therapy.

Make an appointment:

+33 6 10 89 84 96
  • There is no words enough to express my gratitude to Petr! I had a severe pain in my back when I was recommended to see him, Petr was very quick to respond and accommodate me with rdv, and, oh gods, an immediate relief from pain. Following further treatment sessions, by now I feel such an improvement in my health state.
    Now I have arranged treatment for my mum as well.
    Great attention, accuracy, impeccable appearance, reasonable fees. Beside of this Petr has very profound interesting personality, Im so happy to meet him and definitely recommend his wonderful skills
    Lana Bates
  • Chers amis. Petr est très professionnel. J'ai eu la chance de recevoir la séance de ostéopathie avec Petr. Après avoir questionné et examiné mes problèmes, il a pris autant de temps pour résoudre mes soucis de santé. Juste après la séance j'ai senti le soulagement et j'ai eu la sensation de m'envoler, j'ai senti la légèreté dans tous mon corps. Je vous le conseille fortement. Merci, Petr !
    Lyubov Yevsyukova

  • Благодарю. Есть положительный результат. Все замечательно!
    Igor Prezhbog
  • Très professionnelle. Prend le temps d'examiner et de savoir ce qui ne va pas avant d'agir. Très à l'écoute et soucieux du bien être du patient. Je recommande
    Victoria Chifmaker

  • Компетентен, старается подойти к проблеме всесторонне и приезд на дом очень пунктуально! Спасибо!
    Olya Fitnholiday

  • Bravissimo! consiglio! top!
    Natalja Trouchnikova

  • Обратилась к Петру в 2019 году с проблемой болей в ключице . Сеансы проходили мягко без пугающих и резких манипуляций . Во время сеансов у меня было чувство что Петр лекарь от Бога , сочувствующий пациентам и компетентный . После двух сеансов боли прошли . Очень рекомендую
    Olga Rudolf

  • Petr est une personne professionnel qui est à l'écoute du patient et surtout il comprend notre corps .
    Jerome De Ceglié
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